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hi welcome back to my channel in this video I will explain the ending of you hurt my feelings so let’s begin directed by Nicole haloffsoner you hurt my feelings as a drama film that revolves around Beth a writer who is anxious about publishing her next book after a somewhat well-received Memoir and her husband Dan a psychiatrist who seems to be worried about not being able to relate with some of his younger patients but despite all this the two of them are happy in their marriage to one another until one day Dan reveals that he doesn’t like any of his wife’s drafts suddenly everything that has been between them turns into a lie and there’s even more turmoil in their lives here’s everything you need to know about the ending just to let you know this video will contain spoilers Beth is a published writer and recently authored her Memoir titled I had to tell it she considered the Memoir an important piece of literary work

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that deserved more appreciation than it did after getting her Memoir published she moved on to write a fictional novel the shift was challenging for Beth but the support of her loving husband Dawn made the journey a little less intimidating Don’s opinion mattered the most to Beth and every draft that she wrote was carefully scrutinized by him Don’s confidence in her work made her feel hopeful about the novel as a therapist Don is always careful with his words and actions he was recently bogged down by the realization that he was aging it was not just his fine lines and droopy eyes but also his inability to remember finer details that got him significantly worried about aging he could often see the disappointment on the faces of his clients because of his shortcomings and he wondered if Botox could fix his problem while Beth was not proud of the fact that her son Elliot worked at a pot store she was hopeful about the play he was working on they supported and encouraged one another even if it meant lying about their true

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feelings perhaps the only reason Beth and Don’s marriage was still going strong unlike Don’s clients was that they chose not to always be honest about their feelings Beth often spends time with her sister Sarah an interior designer whose challenging clientele makes her question her profession Sarah was married to Mark whose only noteworthy performance was playing a supporting role in a pumpkin film he always wanted to become an actor and even though Sarah did not think he was brilliant at his craft she encouraged him with words of affirmation how did Beth find out the truth Beth’s publisher Sylvia was not too impressed by her new work she considered Beth’s approach to be a little outdated and not impactful enough to relate to the new generation Sylvia proposed that she reassessed the final draft before deciding on publishing it Beth’s confidence was a little tattered after facing Sylvia’s honest opinion with one negative review she wondered if she was not good enough Beth was verbally abused by her father from a young age

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and she was reminded of his hurtful insults when she felt low watching Beth lose faith in her work Dawn suggested she consult another publisher one morning when Dawn and Mark went shoe shopping Beth and Sarah decided to surprise them at the store as the two were sneaking up on their Partners Beth overheard Dawn criticizing her novel she was devastated to learn that he did not enjoy reading it and struggled to express his honest opinion Beth felt cheated she could not believe that Dawn lied to her for two years Sarah tried to reason with Beth reminding her how Dawn must have found the truth impossible to discuss Beth could not help but worry about all the times dawn said he loved something that she did but in reality he hated it she assumed that he hated her Memoir and he judged her teaching job she started to question everything that he said or did and the fear kept getting worse Sarah could relate to Don she too struggled to be completely honest with her husband she thought he was talented but his performance was not always that great but then again as a designer she hoped that Mark had been honest about the choices she

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made what did they think about Elliot’s play at Mark’s birthday lunch Beth and Dawn finally had the discussion Don initially tried to dismiss what Beth had heard at the store Beth expressed that she felt cheated and was struggling to trust him with anything Don admitted that he did not share his opinion because he was not sure how he felt and he did not wish to discourage Beth he did not consider it lying he was simply trying to be supportive irrespective of his opinion of her novel but Beth was not convinced by his explanation after the heated discussion with Beth Don started to take a new approach toward his clientele even though it was not something that was expected of him Don suggested a couple think about separation because after witnessing their fight in every session he believed that they were not meant to be together somehow by coming clean about how he truly felt about Beth’s novel he could concentrate better on his sessions he played an active role instead of being the distracted and tired therapist that he had become after some contemplation and self-doubt Beth finally received approval from her new publisher after

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returning home Beth and Don had another problem to solve Elliot Elliott was losing confidence in himself as a playwright and while Beth tried to encourage him Elliot felt burdened by his mother’s expectations from childhood Beth made Elliott believed that he was extremely talented but gradually he realized that he was not exceptional he questioned his talent and wondered if his mother had been lying to him all his life according to Elliot his mother did not support him in a realistic way instead she built an image of him that he grew up to realize was completely false Beth was in the same position that Dawn was in the previous morning she believed that her supportive statements were innocent and encouraging but in reality she lied to make her son feel better about himself Elliot’s accusation helped Don and Beth come clean about the lies that they had told each other Don found out that Beth never liked the leaf earrings he always gifted her and he admitted that he was not fond of the v-neck sweater she bought him the

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truth helped them lighten the mood Dawn was apologetic for lying about something that was so close to Beth and they were finally able to look past their problem throughout you hurt my feelings every character lies for one reason or another and most of the time the lies were simply not to hurt the feelings of another person you hurt my feelings fast forwards to the next year and we find out that Beth’s fiction novel has been published for their anniversary Dawn

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and Beth decided to prank each other by recycling the gifts that they had previously exchanged Elliot joined them for the anniversary dinner and he felt a little left out by the happy couple Elliot had always felt that way whenever he went out with his parents they were so lost in their inside jokes and romance that he often felt neglected he believed

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that his parents cared more about each other than they did about him a few days after the dinner Elliot handed Beth two copies of the first draft of his play we also find out that Dawn went through cosmetic surgery to retain his youthful look just as he intended to do Beth seemed unsure about the process but she lied to him to make him feel confident about the result you hurt my feelings ends with Beth and Dawn reading Elliot’s play together the ending is ambiguous but also suggestive considering that the entire film revolves around the idea of white lies and how as adults we often resort to them we can assume that it ends with the same thought that’s all for now folks I would appreciate it if you could give the video a super thanks with a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel so you can see more content like this every day take care bye

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