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how’s it going everyone welcome to found flicks on the city explained we’re looking at the ninth entry in the after expanding Conjuring Universe in the nun two and we’re going to be breaking down what that oh valak is up to this time at this point you kind of already know what you’re getting with a new Conjuring movie after so many entries there’s really not much new or different to expect you already know what you’re getting into especially when they keep reusing the same characters over and over and still no Crooked Man spin-off come on now however I will say that at least to me the nun 2 was better than the first one so you know hey that’s something it had a much more predominant style than its predecessor which evoked a particular kind of 70s aesthetic also thanks to its lovely European locations but nice looking shots ain’t enough in my book and the scariest scenarios here felt especially flat this time out it’s one of those incredibly basic setups someone enters a spooky dark room looks around with mild concern for an extended period of time usually valak is hiding right behind him and they don’t know and then

The nun 2 full movie filmyzilla in hindi filmyzilla

another five minutes of searching boo they finally pop out wash rinse and repeat it’s funny too because even though I’m definitely desensitized to that kind of scare stuff usually when I see a horror movie in theaters these gags still work for a lot of the kids but during this one no one made a peep the whole time it just feels very flat overall and for me this series is in need of some much fresh blood we got the same guy just directing all them so of course they feel like they’re the same thing give Michael Chavez the freaking weekend off and let let freaking somebody else direct these movies so let’s check out the nun tube breaking down the story including how it ties into the series overall as well as explaining the ending that sets us right up for The Conjuring four as a quick catch-up of where we left things at the end of the first none some priest guy were searching for power and inadvertently unleash the long dormant

| the nun 2 full movie in hindi filmymeet filmyzilla 720p

demon valik not really a nun obviously they were supposedly defeated and sent back to hell thanks to some well utilized blood of Jesus and when we pick up a few years after the events of the first film where they still think Bellic Was Defeated we remember that isn’t the case as it actually took refuge in Sister Irene’s pal Maurice AKA Frenchie since their first encounter valak has moved on from Romania as we travel to another church in France father NORAD and his boy prepare for mass and Jacques is tasked with fetching the obscenely large bottle of wine sure make the kid carry the giant thing that’s a great idea it doesn’t prove to really be a problem and he does take excellent care of the carafe after service he gently places it high up on a precarious shelf and a ball rolls in bonking the stool he rolls it back into a dark hallway and a force causes the wine bottle to crack and soon explode also catching a glimpse of someone in the shadows any guesses he rushes to the father explaining what he saw and there’s sudden loud

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pounds on the heavy front doors the father urges the Intruder to stay back this is a house of God after all the doors whoosh open and valik is there no Holy Ground is stopping this cat and she lifts the father High into the air and sets him Ablaze Jacques watches on in horror tightly clutching the phone there’s Rosary we then see a man obscured in darkness walking the cobbled streets and a looming silhouette of the nun extends from his body making it clear that valik is still within Maurice and possessing him although they do make it clear that there is still a difference between

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the two and Maurice doesn’t know what’s going on there when it comes to Sister Irene she is still under the belief that valak has been defeated and seems to have almost retreated as much as possible from that heroic lifestyle she now spends her days in a quiet Convent in rural Italy and one new member of the convent has taken a shine to her sister Deborah asks for a word and the two discuss what brought them here in the first place Irene details a bit about her kind of power of visions and that her dad’s Center here because it was easier that way instead of trying to figure out how to deal with her as for her mother she laments that she never really knew her and keeps having fleeting

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flashbacks of them together embracing in a field for Deborah she lost her mother in a fire for which she blames herself and has led to her having a crisis of faith of sorts Miracles are particularly difficult for her to buy I mean how did did Jesus turn all that water in the wine anyway as Irene points out it’s by believing in our faith so much that truly gives it its power we must believe for it to be true you can bet that this idea will come back later valak within their meat bag Maurice has moved on to a boarding school elsewhere in France it really seems that Maurice has fit in

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quite well here in his role as a handyman and even has a kind of familial bond with young student Sophie and her teacher mother Kate there’s some very light flirting going on there as well that never really goes anywhere anyway Sophie seems to be a bit more interested in books than hanging out with the other girls and her peculiar friendship with Maurice draws the other’s ire in particular Simone for some reason it’s also weird because none of the other girls in her crew ever talk really the Headmaster Loren breaks them all up and sends Maurice back to his duties we

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learned that Lorraine has her own tragic history here having lost her son at the school as a result of the war since then she has kept the decrepit Chapel strictly off limits to make extra certain that we know valak has still possessed Maurice we see her randomly take out a delivery kit they drop by with a delivery of jars of olives and stuff Maurice is there facing away kind of lost in a daze and not moving balik has taken over and quickly impales the child with her clawed fingers even though Irene hoped to put her demon hunting days behind her she has a vision that night of

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Maurice asking for help knowing at least subconsciously that something evil is harboring within him because on the surface he definitely has no idea he kind of just goes comatose and valak technically does the killings word of the new murders spreads to the church and they know there’s only one lady suited for the job Irene they show off an alarming pattern of killings that have spread across Europe and originated back in Romania that’s right valak is back Irene almost kind of refuses to believe this could even be happening and can’t accept this possibility the Cardinal lays it out plainly she was able to perform a miracle before and if the demon is truly back she’s the only only one that could


possibly do it again they need to step up and face her fears to Stomp The pesky demon down once and for all on the train right there she is surprised by a Troublesome stowaway in Deborah Irene warns that she isn’t ready for what they’re about to face and urges her to return home however Deborah is steadfast and tagging along perhaps if she can see some of the crazy stuff Irene has she can find some of that elusive faith that she’s after well looks like she’s got a new sidekick whether she wants it or not they arrive in terrascon and investigate the sight of the father’s death With


The Scorch Mark still left behind in everything the nun relays that they do still have mats here but no one shows up feeling that the place has been desecrated well yeah kinda you could have at least painted over the burn marks or something the pair also learned that there was a witness in the young boy Jacques they hope to question him but his mother doesn’t even want him discussing what happened includes the men that he can often be found playing ball out in the streets Irene wanders outside and wouldn’t you know it bumps right into Jacques he gives her a few Curt answers before getting sucked up by by the group of boys Irene follows him deeper into the empty streets and comes


to a magazine stand the pages start oddly fluttering turning very slowly to create an image of what do you think valak of course what the heck else would it be not really a shocker there Alex sort of attacks Irene and Deborah discovers her unconscious on the ground it wasn’t all a crazy Vision however as Jacques did actually stop by and even left them the father’s Rosary so some of that was real at least not sure which part though they recognized the emblem on the rosary and match it to a photo featuring another previous victim yet they still aren’t sure what the symbol actually


means sending them to a liaison of Irene’s at the church’s fancy Library he fills them in on the details regarding the crest which belongs to the family of the real Saint Lucie she was famously martyred by pagans who took her eyes however impressively the Flames did not consume their body there is some kind of power in the Saint Lucie lineage and as a result the eyes became a lick of sorts the librarian believes that valik is actually an angel cast from heaven and somehow was there when the eyes were first taken it’s the eyes that they have been killing across the countryside in search of which will grant the demon Untold power the Lucy family descendants have kept the eyes hidden for all


these years and it appears in its final resting place is in a former Monastery not too far from here what’s in that monasteries place now none other than the very boarding school of valak is currently haunting meaning valik almost has what they’ve been after all along the sisters spring into action heading for the school valik has been making her presence more and more known in particular to Young Sophie for some reason almost kind of just messing with her in a way since you know she never actually kills her just you know boo and then disappears over and over Irene is finally reunited with Frenchie where she has to let him down with the bad news Malik is still all up in his main suit


he still has absolutely no idea and clearly is destroyed by the implication all he wants is to be Sophie’s pal not scare the bejesus out of her valik then takes the driver’s seat feet and attacks the others and Maurice is briefly taken out of commission they all seek refuge in The Condemned chapel and assume that this must be the eyes final resting place Sophie recalls a game the rude girl showed her earlier involving a stained glass image depicting a goat the idea is to stare at it until the light hits it a certain way causing the eyes to appear to glow red they recreate the idea with Deborah pinpointing from outside with a flashlight they get it dialed into just the right spot the eyes turn red and it


beams out a laser pointer right onto the ground turning into Indiana Jones out of nowhere over here they burst open the ground and discover the Relic beneath which resembles a small compact so they got the eyes at least but concerningly notice the goat from the window has vanished valik takes the form of the Demonic goat terrorizing the other schoolgirls and traps him in another room a zombified Maurice under Valley’s control Goes Ham on Irene and pursues Sophie who snatches The Relic they chase each other through the school causing it to get pretty much


destroyed along the way while the bell tower released everyone converges there and Irene turns the eyes on Maurice which glow a holy light upon him more Alec manages to get the Relic for themselves and valik is bestowed that power the yellow glow goes into their eyes and then she gets huge like 20 feet tall golly giant nun lady Irene is levitated into the air and set Ablaze looking like it’s all over that is until she is flooded by more of the same memories from her mysterious mother unlike what Irene had said earlier she actually knew all about her the whole time and she had similar psychic powers just like Irene as she doesn’t catch on fire and her eyes start glowing again we realize that


Irene is actually a descendant of Saint Lucie the mom ghost assistant blast knocks her loser from valak’s grasp and she plummets to the floor Deborah joins her side but what can they do how can they defeat the giant nun guy well there is one Surefire way the power of prayer don’t you know remember the whole Debra not believing in Miracles thing from her earlier well after all the crazy craps you see now she’s a full-on Believer they join hands to use their Collective power of belief to turn the mini barrels of wine in the room into the literal blood of Christ same thing they used in the first one the barrels all burst forth drenching the giant nun in the holy sacrament also known as the


Eucharist if you’re nasty this apparently again as in the first one sends a demon on a one-way ticket to hell so that takes care of that I guess but then I’m like that’s kind of the same thing they did in the first one and that didn’t cut it you know why would it be any different this time plus to even know that valak is officially out of Maurice they didn’t even really dig into anything about that too much just blood shower and she’s gone see you next time I mean we do know balak is still out there in Conjuring too so definitely not defeated completely yet for now there is peace in the LIE of Irene and Maurice for the first time in a while and even Maurice who had dreamed of having his own Farm is gifted a tomato plant by a generous Irene getting to live that dream Frenchie in spite of the friendly display it does seem that Irene still has her suspicions here giving him her classic slightly concerned stare as they part ways once


more now this might be the end for Irene’s Supernatural encounters as our credit scene brings us forward in time to a familiar location the Warren’s home ed takes a call from father Gordon another staple of The Conjuring series and the Warrens are officially on the case where do things go from here well there’s a kind of missing and often hinted at portion of the Warren’s cases that we’ve heard of in other entries as you remember from the end of the nun they actually at some point came into contact with a still possessed Maurice I think Judy watched that and Annabelle comes home as well can’t remember check me on that anyway this means that even after twice defeating balak and


both of the nun movies they are still somehow attached to poor Frenchie at least in some way man poor guy can’t catch a break he just wants to go don’t grow as Tomatoes then we also know from Conjuring 2 that the Warrens have already at this point had their own previous encounter with valik so it really seems like what the already announced The Conjuring 4 is going to explore is that little chunk of previously mentioned but unseen details beginning with them tracking down Frenchie and discovering valik for the first time it really really feels like that’s what they’re setting up here but I’m kind of going so more valik really again we are reaching over saturation Point here with the


creepy knot already it’s like they already did with Annabelle took all the mystery away over three movies and just driving into the ground maybe I don’t know don’t don’t do that do something different please but I’ve got a feeling that it’s going to be exactly what is expected because that’s what the franchise is at this point really mainstream safe and boring there’s another big aspect that for whatever reason the series thus far has not definitively confirmed the connection between Irene and Lorraine I feel like especially in light of the the St Lucie lineage thing there is no question that the two are part of the same bloodline and this must also be the source of their psychic powers nothing else would even make any sense so I’m not sure where they still won’t actually Connect the Dots here maybe


Conjuring part with that we reach the conclusion of this inning explained for the non-tube but don’t forget before we go you can send me requests for any movies or TV shows you’d like to see me explain by sending them my way on any of my social media Accounts at foundflix what did you think of the nun too and it’s ending where do you rank it in the franchise and what do you hope to see in The Conjuring 4 let me know your thoughts down in the comments below make sure to like subscribe and follow thanks for watching fanflix see you next time

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