The last burial movie netnaija | The last burial movie mp4 | last burial video  | last burial cast | last burial meaning | the last burial nigerian movie | the burial (2023) movie 

The last burial movie netnaija | The last burial movie mp4 | last burial video  | last burial cast | last burial meaning | the last burial nigerian movie | the burial (2023) movie


the burial is a recent legal drama film that is based on a true 1995 court case in which a corporate funeral home corporation and a funeral homeowner engaged in a heated legal dispute the story of the movie which is based on this actual case in part revolves around Willie eer an eccentric and ostentatious attorney who chooses to stand up for the family company against the evil Corporation the burial is an easy and enjoyable watch that tells its story with a good amount of drama isation and madeup incidents the burial begins inside a small Baptist Church in Florida where a man is invited on the pedestal to speak to the people gathered the man introduces himself as Willie gar and even though his motivated speech makes him seem like a religious preacher at first his real profession is revealed within a short time making use of His Brilliant skills in public speaking and a somewhat flashy style of presenting his

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perspective perspective Willie is actually a lawyer gaining popularity by the day the man deals in personal injury cases and we are made witnesses to one such trial two in which an individual named Clovis tubs seeks compensation from a big food company after he was hit by one of their trucks appointed as the prosecuting lawyer Willie cleverly charms his way into the minds of the jury and manages to win the case for his client this Victory continues a fantastic personal record for Willie for the man has lost no case in the last 12 years another individual who plays a key role in the plot of the burial is also seated in the courtroom during this trial Jerry O’Keefe is a 75-year-old Mississippian who is getting close to retirement age O’Keefe has managed his family’s funeral homes and other funeral related businesses for the duration of his career Jerry who inherited the company from his father plans to give it to his kids but he has recently been experiencing serious financial difficulties the authorities revoked his permission to offer burial insurance because there were insufficient funds in his account as required by state law facing this monetary

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crisis Jerry O’Keefe agrees to meet with a prospective buyer at his best friend and personal lawyers insistence this buyer Ray Len is the owner of a rich Canadian burial services corporation that has been taking over small businesses in the USA and his interest in Jerry’s venture makes sense the two sides meet in Canada and agree upon a deal despite the differences between the two men being quite apparent however even 3 months after the meeting no official contract still comes from loan’s side and Jerry starts to believe that the Canadian is just trying to cheat him the man now wants to sue the Canadian businessman and based on the advice of a junior lawyer named Hal Dawkins Jerry O’Keefe comes down to Florida to meet with the star lawyer Willie Gary why does Willie agree to take Jerry’s case when Jerry O’Keefe made up his mind to Su Owen he initially listened to the Council of his best friend Mike coward this was natural of course because of their old acquaintance but Jerry had also appointed a different lawyer to his team Hal Dawkins the son of one of Jerry’s friends had recently completed his law degree and had been

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providing counsel to Jerry in this case it is Hal who first shows Jerry a video of Willie G and speaks of his impeccable record as a lawyer despite Willie only working in the field of personal injury Hal wants to take a chance on the man because of his accomplishments Hal also discusses a different perspective from which Willie could be extremely beneficial to them in an attempt to persuade Jerry given that the lawsuit against loen was filed in Hines County where black people make up the majority of the population there was a very good chance that both the judge and the jury would be black Hal had experienced enough Prejudice as a young black lawyer in the 1990s to know that people were biased towards his skin tone when Hal first met Mike Ard he was aware of the preconceptions held by the man alard acknowledges afterwards that he has preconceptions and holds outdated beliefs on the subject even though he is not obviously a racist telling Jerry about how alard would be a misfit at Hines County Hal convinces Jerry to go meet with Willie however upon hear ing the entire matter Willie Gary is just not interested enough to take up the case the lawyer is very particular about not fighting contract law cases and also makes it very clear that he has never had a white client yet and neither does he want to change these two criteria thirdly Willie adds there is hardly any money in this case for him as the case that Jerry had filed was only for $6 million which is too little for the lawyer

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since Jerry appears to have been wrong during his travel to Canada the complaint has some Merit in order for the family business to profit from this Source Ray loen had agreed during this discussion to purchase off three funeral houses from O’Keefe and to refrain from selling burial insurance in Mississippi Hal surmised that loen or his company were trying to Swindle Jerry since even 3 months after the meeting they still hadn’t sent over an actual contract for the sale loen knew about the fact that the Mississippi authorities would take away Jerry’s license to run the business anymore because of his shortage of funds and that would lead to the elderly man having to sell off his business at a very cheap price by stalling on the contract loan was essentially waiting for this moment so that he could acquire the family business for a very low price despite the scenario Willie is unwilling to represent Jerry in court as they are about to leave though Hal gives it one last chance and returns to Willie’s office to convince him however Hal then uses his last card to talk about how large the burial services industry is and how big of a player Ray Lan actually is through these numbers Hal convinces Willie that suing loan could actually bring much more money than the Six Million and would also make the lawyer name famous in different states of the country convinced by

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This Promise of Fame and money Willie gar agrees to take Jerry’s case how does the case turn into a matter of race as well it makes sense that the burials plot includes racial overtones as this has also happened in real life Hal made the right choice in bringing Willie on board because the jury and judge that are chosen are in fact black people Willie quickly revised the demand and now specified an extremely unimaginable $100 million as the settlement figure after joining the team and finding out that Mike aard was trying to settle the lawsuit for only $8 million naturally loan was astonished by this amount his crew did some research and revealed Wily’s identity to him along with this loen also got to know the probability of getting an all black jury for which he employed a similar tactic right before the trials are about to begin loan appoints a team of black lawyers led by Mame Downs as Jerry and Willie grow closer to each other it is revealed that the lawyer’s decision to enter the profession was also based on the racial Prejudice he had faced earlier in his life when Willie was doing well and had become a father he wanted to buy a property of his own after contacting an apartment owner about a vacancy over the telephone the two reached an agreement however

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when he and his family went over to the apartment the owner suddenly denied having any vacancies this was clearly because of Will’s race and at that very moment he decided to control his anger and channel it into the only correct method of expressing it through the profession of law after completing his law degree and starting his practice Willie did Sue the apartment owner for discrimination and thus began his successful career as a lawyer after the trial starts Willie ultimately asks Jerry O’Keefe to testify so the jury can hear his accounts of helping black communities and working against the clan but when MIM the defense attorney divulges the cause of Jerry’s financial difficulties this also backfires he had become embroiled in some dubious business activities with a man who had been convicted of the crime and was currently serving a jail sentence as Jerry’s Public Image takes a battering he removes Willie from the role of LED prosecutor and instead puts faith in alard once again however this decision again backfires massively when the defense digs up some serious information about the man despite the fact that the issue in the case did not really include any racial tension or Injustice the manner in which it was litigated undoubtedly placed a strong

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emphasis on race and the unfortunate history of American society MIM researches alward’s family history after realizing that he Harbors some racial Prejudice she then uses this information to demonstrate in court that ard’s Grandpa was a long time virulently racist member of the Klux Clan this instantly disrupts the proceedings in court and it is clear that alard and his client Jerry are quickly despised by the general public does Jerry win the case against loan it is ultimately a racial matter that seals the fate of the court case after the setbacks Willie considers taking back the lawsuit when Hal finds a shady deal between loan and the National Baptist convention which is a church run by black Americans when this deal is investigated Willie and Hal find out that the Canadian businessman and his Corporation had made a donation to NBC in exchange for a deal that would make every member of the church a customer of the burial service company while the the estimated profit from this deal was around a billion dollar the money donated to the church was only $200,000 making the supposed deal extremely lopsided and unfair in addition allegations made in court by a number of former workers and others who claim to have been defrauded by the business the jury and the general public are made aware of how the business would arbitrarily demand more money from individuals who were destitute and more eager to pay tribute to their loved ones following their pass

overall the case provides strong evidence that the firm engaged in Wicked Behavior by taking advantage of people’s weakness when Ray Len is taken to the stand to testify he exhibits no sorrow or sense of Shame for anything he and his business have done the entire loan team tries to reach an agreement with Jerry after realizing they will lose the court case even going so far as to give him a large sum of money $75 million but Jerry refuses any settlement saying that he wants to truly end loan’s career and instead puts faith in the Court’s decision the jury’s verdict is finally made public during the burials conclusion and loan is found guilty on all counts it requires the business to pay the lawsuits $100 million demand additionally loan is required to pay an additional $400 million as restitution for its wrongdoings against Jerry and his family business the burial comes to a finish with Jerry and Willie exu ly celebrating their Victory and the 500 million United States dollars they will each earn as a result the burial includes images of the real people and information on what happened to them following an appeal the loan group was forced to settle for $175 million as opposed to $500 million only two years later Ray Lan’s employment with the company came to an end when he was forced to resign the family business of Jerry O’Keefe is still flourishing in the state St of Mississippi and it has been actively contributing to the well-being of black communities following the trial Willie Gary and Jerry became incredibly good friends and they remained so until Jerry’s death in 2016

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