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Tetris movie mp4moviez | Tetris movie in hindi filmyzilla | tetris movie ott india | tetris movie online free reddit | tetris movie amazon prime | tetris movie cancelled | tetris movie blu-ray

Tetris is one of the biggest games ever and the tetris movie depicts The Unbelievable true story of how the iconic game reached the world outside the USSR while the tetris movie has a definitive ending plenty Gets Lost in Translation literally and a lot of its contract negotiations quickly get confusing between KGB officers getting arrested Alexi finally escaping the Soviet Union and Hank making 5 million dollars there is a lot to unpack in tetris’s ending what happens in tetris’s ending despite being threatened and blackmailed Hank goes to Moscow after having already been rejected by elurg once but this time Howard Lincoln and minoru arakawa two Nintendo employees who worked on the Game Boy are on his side by disclosing that Robert and Kevin Maxwell never provided the one million dollars they promised government official Nikolai belikov gives Hank and Nintendo the upper hand and enables them to

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acquire the tetris rights as a result Hank ultimately acquires the game’s rights and leaves with Howard manoru Alexi pajitnov the developer of Tetris and others for the airport in a panic disloyal KGB agent Valentin trifonov Reveals His secret deal with the Maxwells in front of Sasha a loyal KGB agent Robert Maxwell agreed to give Valentin 50 of the tetris profits if he could stop Hank and still get Maxwell the rights Valentin chases Hank through Moscow and all all the way to the airport but Hank makes it onto the plane in time and Sasha has Valentin arrested after the unbelievably successful release of Nintendo’s Game Boy Hank makes 5 million dollars and buys Alexia ticket to San Francisco where they reunite two years after saying their goodbyes at Moscow airport why did Valentin get arrested by the KGB as a communist Nation the USSR prohibited its inhabitants from making money from their own ideas and held all intellectual property created by its population Valentin is a senior official in the KGB which served as the security service for the Soviet Union selling the rights to Tetris a massively popular video game would obviously not be in the state’s best interest but the KGB makes sure that citizens and government officials make decisions based on

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what is best for the state Valentin instead struck a deal with the Maxwells that would lead to him becoming rich Beyond his wildest dreams if the British newspaper tycoons were given the rights to the game Valentin took advantage of his resources and power to try and make this happen Sasha had already proved how loyal she was to the KGB and the state by following orders including ones made by Valentin but by the tetris Movie ending she no longer knows what his real intentions are after finding out valentin’s plan instead of turning a blind eye Sasha acts exactly as her position demands and arrests the traitor what made Nikolai belikov decide to help Hank Rogers Nikolai is a Stern not to be trifled with experienced negotiator who spends the entirety of the tetris movie trying to teach the Americans and the British a lesson while making the greatest money for his state but the elurg employee changes his mind in the tetris epilogue he understands that Hank has the best of intentions and that handing the tetris rights to the Maxwells is wrong in essence Nikolai makes the right decision for the same reason that Valentin makes the incorrect Choice Nikolai is aware of how the Soviet Union is evolving and how the Public’s perception of

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Communism is Shifting Nikolai on the other hand always acts out of pure altruism unlike Valentin who always acts for his own benefit how did Hank Rogers make 5 million Hank successfully returns to Japan and as a big relief after risking his home and effectively his entire life with the bank presents his wife wife with a 5 million dollar check the tetris movies climax then skims over how he amassed that sum of money Hank was able to approve the agreement after acquiring the rights with Nikolai in Moscow and he ultimately earned 5 million after persuading Nintendo to

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include Tetris with the Game Boy Hank would go on to become extremely wealthy thanks to Tetris and today’s real-life Rogers is almost definitely worth much more why did Hank buy Alexia flight to San Francisco although Alexi initially came across as withdrawn that attitude was only a byproduct of his background in the Soviet Union and the two eventually start connecting through the creation of video games one of the highlights of the tetris movie plot which borders on feel-good movie territory is their camaraderie the regulations of the USSR ultimately prevented Alexi from earning any money from Tetris until 1995 after Hank left for Tokyo but there was an easy easy fix for that

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Hank offers Alexia plane ticket to San Francisco so they can reconcile because Alexi may still earn money elsewhere the real meaning of tetris’s ending While most stances on the subject of Communism and capitalism are clear Tetris walks the tightrope of criticizing both to an extent ultimately the tetris movie is about doing the right thing and how doing the right thing might occasionally be more important than a political agenda the tetris movie’s Core theme

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however is greed and how it can be a self-destructive trait the Maxwell’s greed is off the charts but they end up filing for bankruptcy whereas Hank simply wants to pay off his debts and give Alexi the credit and wealth he deserves and he ends up becoming a millionaire


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