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this superhero sequel has more cameos than you can shake a magic staff at and a possible future for Shazam in James Gunn’s DCU this is the ending of Shazam Fury of the Gods explained one secret revealed early in Shazam Fury of the Gods is that Rachel zeglers and Thea is not in fact a cute harmless teenage girl interested in the affections of Freddie Freeman but is in fact the third daughter of Atlas while Calypso Works alongside her sisters for much a fury of the Gods she goes on her own to pursue the Golden Apple after it’s stolen by Freddie eager to set their plans of Revenge in motion the daughters of Atlas are coming to hunt us when Mary Marvel attempts to fly away with it Calypso chases after her on a dragon and eventually drains Mary of her power midair Billy is forced to choose between grabbing the apple or saving Mary as both tumble toward the ground he wisely chooses Mary but this leads to Calypso snagging the Apple for herself after obtaining it she plans it at Citizens Bank Park where the Philadelphia

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Phillies play the Apple gives rise to the Tree of Life which subsequently Sprouts spreads its roots far and wide and bears some awful fruit small cocoons begin giving birth to various mythological creatures from cyclopses and minotaurs to harpies and manticores they soon begin roaming the streets and attacking citizens Calypso’s Revenge plans swing into full force after Calypso plants the apple and the tree unleashes chaos and Thea and hespera start to have second thoughts regarding their Revenge plans the sister’s only goal was to rebuild the realm of the Gods which was diminished when the wizard stripped its occupants of their powers but seeing the Tree of Life ravaging Earth causes them to plead with Calypso to stop her plot Calypso isn’t interested in bargaining though and sees her sisters as disposable as hespera and Anthea confront their sister Calypso’s Dragon stabs hespera in the back with Aspera on the ground dying Calypso points the staff at Anthea ready to drain her up her powers but before Calypso unleashes its wrath she taunts amthea declaring that it’s a worthy fate given her love of humanity Anthea tries in vain to stop the attack but fails and succumbs to the staff’s power with hespera and Anthea out of the way Calypso stands alone

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the daughters of Atlas are decimated by betrayal and one villain remains It’s A Dark Day in Philadelphia with most of the Marvel families stripped of their powers and monsters wreaking havoc in the streets only Billy Babson is Left To Save the World by this point Calypso has proven her power and has Billy Running Scared Batson returns to the wizard and begs the ancient being to take his powers back in this Bleak moment Billy feels like he was the wrong choice to be the Wizards champion and he can’t bear the responsibilities that the powers of Shazam give him I can’t do this take my powers back you came to me so you would take him back right but the wizard tells Billy that his choice was no accident he knows that the young man’s heart is pure and although he has made mistakes he is the champion when Billy gave powers to his family to turn them into super-powered Warriors he proved that anyone can be a hero given the opportunity it gives Billy the strength to form a plan to take back the staff and end Calypso’s reign of terror it even inspires the rest of his family to take action even without their powers Philadelphia is completely overrun with Mythical Monsters by the time Billy’s siblings arrive but without their powers it doesn’t seem like there’s much they can do however the group asks their sentient pen Steve how to stop the monsters and he points them in the direction of the king of the beasts what they discover is that the so-called King is a unicorn which makes

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Darla absolutely giddy the family then attempts to find unicorns in a dark Cavern however they aren’t brightly colored magical creatures bursting with happiness and rainbows instead their dark angry beasts that resemble horned horses from hell as they try to figure out what to do with the unicorns one of them starts to charge towards Darla before it can attack though she’s able to calm the creature with everyone’s favorite Taste of the rainbow Skittles good girl the sweet candies act as a modern Ambrosia the sweet nectar of the Gods with a unicorn on their side it calls in reinforcements and Billy’s siblings are soon riding through town on the backs of mythical creatures killing monsters along the way While most of Billy’s siblings hunt for unicorns Freddy sees and Thea walking through a massive crowd and decides to follow her Freddy catches up to the god Justice Calypso and her Dragon begin terrorizing civilians during the attack Calypso spots Anthea in the crowd and attempts to kill her and Thea is almost defeated but Freddie manages to comfort her and provide her with some much needed confidence despite the morale boost things look Grim right at their moment of defeat Billy arrives towards Calypso’s attack and steals back the staff the retrieval of the powerful weapon is the beginning of the end for Calypso with Stefan hand Billy notices that it has begun to accumulate massive amounts of energy he realizes that he can use the energy as a bomb which could

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potentially destroy the tree and Calypso’s dragon in one blast all he has to do is lure the evil God and her pant back to the stadium however before he unleashes the power of the staff he has to protect the innocent civilians who could be killed in the explosion so he calls on the help of the dying hespera he begs her to use her powers to shrink the magical Dome that has trapped him for so long down to a smaller size so it covers only the stadium trapped inside the Dome Billy knows that he might not survive when he unleashes the energy from the staff but at least his family and everyone he loves will be safe not go fight for your family go fight for the world everything is in place for shazam’s final battle before he takes the fight back to Calypso he says goodbye to his family knowing that he likely won’t survive his final conversation with Freddy proves why he was the perfect choice to be the champion though he’s afraid Billy is willing to make his ultimate sacrifice because he knows it’s the right thing to do he then puts his own spin on the all or none mentality that has always been a part of his family’s heroics it’s a moment that bonds Freddie and Billy together forever and proves that the young man is a true hero okay I feel like maybe I should be writing all this down with a little time to spare Billy flies into the stadium to destroy Calypso once and for all but this foe is more powerful than anything he’s faced before and this time Billy is all alone but with his courage and confidence returned

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he knows he has the power to save the world he even has time for one last superhero entrance he emerges from a tunnel into the stadium with a display fit for a rock star it’s the perfect moment to begin the final confrontation as Billy enters the stadium for his final showdown with Calypso he charges the Dome with lightning the visual is a callback to the Tesla lamp that exploded in his room earlier in the movie which is likely the inspiration for his final attack and he charged Dome Shazam and Calypso brawl the battle is fierce and thrilling and eventually Billy detonates the staff the explosion kills the tree Calypso her dragon and himself Billy makes the ultimate sacrifice to save his family with Calypso defeated the Dome dissipates and his family rushes in to save him but Billy’s wounds are too severe Freddie in particular is overwhelmed with emotion the wizard is so moved by Billy’s sacrifice that he declares that his Champion is to be buried as a god with anthea’s help Billy’s family is transported to the afterlife realm and there the young hero receives a proper burial Billy’s tear-inducing funeral boasts a Shazam lightning bolt etched in the dirt on his grave site a somber family and a sense of finality it also doesn’t last for long the wizard is

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asked about the staff’s power and if it could be restored he says that only the spark of a God could restore the staff’s power and that’s when some unexpected help arrives while the Wonder Woman Cameo had been spoiled by recent trailers it doesn’t make her appearance any less epic Diana uses her power to resurrect Billy who Springs out of the ground like a zombie everyone hugs him moments later but just as importantly he gets to talk to wonder woman who he has been crushing on throughout the film Billy had dreams of them on dates in Paris and now he gets to take his shot at asking her out it goes about as well as you’d expect stick to saving the world kid it’s fulfilling to see Shazam finally interact with other DC heroes in a meaningful way and it’s always a treat to see Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman on the big screen now that the stuff is fixed everyone gets their powers back and is able to be a crime-fighting family again their next task is to help rebuild the family home that got destroyed when Calypso’s Dragon entered their world once their home is rebuilt they can continue saving the world together but they have a surprise visitor one night as they’re eating dinner it’s the wizard in essence Diamond Honshu now looking like his Dapper self sporting a handsome modern look he tells the family that he’s there to take the staff and is going to start exploring the modern

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human world he’s ignored for so long before he leaves though Billy asks him one important question what is his superhero name this has been a running joke slash dilemma for Billy throughout the film and at one point 1970s Billy Batson actor Michael Gray even calls him by the character’s former name Captain Marvel however the wizard has a more fitting name for Billy Shazam Freddy insists they could still come up with something better the first post-credits scene has Amelia Harcourt and John economos two members of Amanda Waller’s team last seen in The Peacemaker TV series walking through the woods delivering some funny banter to each other and saying that they have come on Waller’s behalf turns out Shazam is being recruited for the Justice Society it seems like the dceu isn’t ready to let Shazam be a part of the Justice League quite yet but it’s still an upgrade to nevertheless Billy is a little confused about it at first but then suggests some fun alternative names for the JSA of course it’s tough to say where this plot threat is going if anywhere since James Gunn’s re-envisioning of the DC Universe is still being rolled out the

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fact that characters created by gun are involved in the scene however suggests that all involved will be heard from again the second post-credits scene is more a comical rehashing of the post-credits scene from the first film than anything that feels like a significant breadcrumb but it is fun to once again see Mr Mind One of the more eccentric villains in the DC realm in 2019 the conclusion of Shazam seemingly indicated that Mr mind and Dr Savannah were hatching a plan that would likely form the Crux of the sequel since neither are found in Fury of the Gods the obvious question is why this time Savannah is still rotting in jail once again Mr Mind shows up telling him the master plan is nearly complete Savannah grows angry saying he’s getting older Mr Mind responds that he can’t do things very fast after all he is a caterpillar all he can do is just Slither from place to place instead of Mr mind giving any sort of glimpse into what he’s planning he tells Savannah he has one more thing to do then slithers away again is this just a pointless catch-up scene with Mr mind and Savannah or kicking the can down another couple years until it finally pays it off if this thread continues in the new DCU perhaps it could serve up a plot for a potential third shazam movie or even a Mr Mind role as the big Baddie of the Gods and Monsters chapter after all he does run the monster Society


of evil in the comics it’s unclear what’s next for Shazam with the DC extended Universe potentially being reset in the upcoming Flash movie Fury of the Gods presents some potential story lines for shazam’s future with his family’s Powers being back Billy being recruited for the JSA and Mr Mind still being out there but it’s unclear where Shazam fits into James Gunn’s plan if he does it all while it would be disappointing to sue Zachary Levi and Asher Angel replaced after delivering two fun films that have made the characters a hit with wider audiences both are getting older it’s tough to tell what’s really in shazam’s future at the moment it’s no shock that sequel plans aren’t confirmed yet because the DC films are in such a period of transition but perhaps some Solid box office could make the case for more as with any good superhero story there’s always a chance the hero could rise again [Music] foreign [Music]

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