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puppy love full movie youtube | puppy love movie 2023 123movies | puppy love movie 2023 where to watch in india | puppy love movie 2023 ott | puppylove netflix | puppy love movie 2023 freevee | puppy love just watch | puppy love movie bilibili

hey guys welcome back to explainer X today I am going to recap a 2013 romance drama movie named puppy love so let’s begin at the beginning of the movie we see a girl named Diane she has come to her friend’s house both of them study in the same school and are also good friends after this Diane takes off her clothes and lies on the bed she also calls Antoine then Antoine also takes off his clothes and lies on the bed with her he kisses her and starts praising her beauty then Diane says don’t waste time get started quickly both of them try to be intimate but in the end nothing can happen between these two then Antoine goes to drop her home actually both of them have been 14 years old so both of them have started getting interest in all these things that’s why both of them were trying to be intimate but due to his first time he could not do it properly Diane doesn’t have a mom she lives with her dad Christian and

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younger brother Mark at night she was watching porn videos when her father comes over there he forbids her to see all this and Diane ignores them and says you go and sleep I will sleep after seeing this then the next day she masturbates while taking a bath in this way she satisfies herself then when Diane Goes to School her classmates discuss that losing virginity hurts a lot she gets a little scared hearing this she gave some porn videos to Antoine so that he could learn something by watching it but Antoine did not watch a single video so she gets angry and goes to her house then watches the video in her room in a neighboring house a father is scolding his daughter she tries to hide seeing them but till then the girl sees him and shouts at him in Anger after this when Diane is having lunch the girl comes here her name is Julia she has come to live with her family in the neighborhood of Diane she says my mom is looking for a piano teacher for me if you know any teacher do let us know saying this she the next day at the

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bus stop Diane meets Julia again Diane gives Julia the piano teacher’s phone number but Julia reveals it I don’t need it I just came to see you and asks her why were you keeping an eye on me that day Diane says I was not keeping an eye on you I was just looking out of my window meanwhile the bus arrives and Julia goes to sit in the bus then Diane says that I am going to a party tonight will you go with me Julia agrees and says pick up me from home then she gets on the bus and leaves in the evening both of them go to the party and their Julia separates from Diane here Diane enjoys with her friend then while going home she starts looking for Julia but she was not inside the house when Diane comes out she sees Julia she was with two boys Diane asks her to walk home but Julia refuses she wants to enjoy more then Diane asks can I come with you too Julia says yes you can come but there is a condition whatever I do don’t stop me after this both of them go on a drive with those two boys Diane and a boy were sitting in the back seat he starts touching Diane but Diane stops him after stopping the car Julia starts getting intimate with another boy seeing this Diana comes out of the car that boy also goes after her and starts touching her forcefully gradually it

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becomes violent then Julia saves Diane and both of them run away the next morning she hears a woman’s voice from her dad’s room so Diane starts wondering who is this woman then Diane goes to school and their Antoine is talking to Julia Diane is very jealous seeing this and asks her do you like me then Antoine refuses then she goes to the school bathroom to take a bath but suddenly when the water runs out she goes to boys hostel in anger and starts bathing Antoine comes and tries to cover her up but the rest of the boys take her away and touch Diane just then the coach comes over there and takes Diane away he also calls Diane’s Dad after a while his dad comes to pick him up when Diane asks him am I beautiful her dad says yes you are beautiful then Diane asks if I find you attractive would you like to be intimate with me hearing this Christian gets shocked and he scolds her and says don’t forget I am your dad then Diane goes to Julia’s house to meet her then Julia says that your dad is very nice he doesn’t stop you for

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anything but my dad always scolds me I can’t do anything of my own free will on this Diane says that there is nothing like this my dad is also like your parents then Julia says I think that your dad likes me he looks at me strangely have you noticed this Diane starts laughing and says there is nothing like this you have got some misunderstanding a few days later Diane and Julia go on a vacation with their parents suddenly Diane’s dad gets sick while having dinner Julius mom takes them to the room then both of them go to the bar and drink meanwhile Julia flirts with the bartender and invites him to her room the bartender at first refuses but later agrees she and Julia are intimate in the room and Diane sits there watching them the next day both of them go to a club on the other hand showing a boy Julia tells Diane go dance with that guy and try to impress him then Diane dances with her and wants to kiss her but the boy refuses because he came with his girlfriend then Diane takes her to the washroom and kisses but the boy

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tries to get closer to her then Diana runs away and takes Julia to the hotel the next morning Diane comes home to see that her dad and a woman are at home Christian says this is my friend Diane understands that these two are having an affair so she gets angry with her dad even at night that woman stays with her dad the next day Christian wakes up late he asks Diane if you have prepared your brother for school then Diane and says I am not his dad if you are then you should make him ready she goes to her school by doing rude behavior in this way a few days later Christian takes Diane and Julia on a trip on the other hand Julia and Diana meet a boy then both of them go to his house by his boat this boy falls in love with Julia and these three are intimate together the next day everyone plays football and goes swimming Diane falls asleep holding her dad slowly Diane starts getting attracted towards her dad but Christian finds all this awkward so he gets up from there and leaves then while Christian was taking a bath Diane and Julia prank him then at night everyone goes to a bar and drinks then Julia and Christian start dancing seeing

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this angers Diane and she tells him to go back to the hotel Christian was intoxicated he could not even talk properly taking advantage of this Julia seduces him she wants to be intimate with him but Christian leaves the room then Julia also follows him going out Julia seduces him again then even Christian cannot stop himself and gets intimate with Julia meanwhile Diane comes over there and slaps her dad then Diane gets angry with her dad and starts leaving then her dad tries to stop her but she runs away then Diane sees the boat on the side of the beach and she goes there and falls asleep then in the morning Diane reaches the Shore by swimming then she asks for a lift but no one gives her a lift she starts crying angrily then his dad comes there he apologizes to her and takes her back to the hotel then Julia says I thought that you would never come back then Diane says that I have not come by myself or

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have brought my dad back the next day he leaves for home then these people stop for some time at the gas station on the other hand Diane tells Julia will you go with me Julia asks where Diane doesn’t answer and starts crossing the road everyone thinks she wants to commit suicide those guys try to stop her but Diane doesn’t stop actually Diane could not forgive her dad and loved Antoine but nothing happened with Antoine either then she wanted to be

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intimate with her dad which is absolutely wrong then Diane crosses the road and she smiles and the movie End here so I hope you enjoy the video so click any video of three of them and enjoy next and don’t forget to subscribe our Channel and hit the like button thank you for watching see you soon

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