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a young pregnant woman tries to flee the Carnage of war in a dystopian period where a totalitarian ruler has gained control of Spain Mia hides on board a cargo ship inside a shipping container to make her getaway Mia becomes separated from her husband Niko throughout the procedure and must make every effort to survive after becoming trapped in the ocean if you are wondering whether Mia survives the challenges in her path and what happens to her baby here is everything you need to know about the ending of nowhere spoilers ahead nowhere follows Mia and Niko a couple from Spain who live under a totalitarian regime that has taken over the country and neighboring states the regime brutally murders the dependent population as Society lacks essential resources such as food and water a pregnant woman Mia and Niko plan to flee the country and start a new life in Ireland away from the regime the couple pays human traffickers to transport them to a shipyard where they will escape to Ireland on a ship however even before the journey starts Mia and Niko are separated while the military of the regime inspects Mia’s truck Niko

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is directed to another truck the dictatorship fires on the individuals in the truck when it discovers them there but Nia is able to flee by hiding under a crate Mia eventually ends up aboard a ship and finds out that Niko never made it there instead the driver left his truck leaving him stranded Nikos wears to find his wife and unborn wild after learning that Mia’s container was knocked off the ship and is currently floating in the water Mia gives birth to her daughter Noah while she struggles to survive within the container we also discover Mia and Niko’s past during this time the couple ran a general store in their neighborhood and had another daughter Yuma however Yuma is killed by the regime after she wanders out of the house and Mia blames herself for her daughter’s death after Noah’s birth Mia fails to contact Niko as her phone’s screen is destroyed moreover Niko does not contact Mia and is forced to rely on her wits to protect herself and Noah against the harsh ocean waves Mia survives with the help of the other

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passengers little food and water left in the container however she soon runs out of supplies and starves at the same time Mia works hard to keep water from entering the container and looks after Noah telling her daughter stories about her life with Niko eventually Mia is forced to beat the umbilical cord to survive and manages to carve an opening in the container’s ceiling determined to survive for her daughter’s sake Mia’s condition slowly improves and she devises a way to catch fish whether Mia and Noah survive in the hostile environment and brutal circumstances form the rest of the plot does Mia find Noah do Mia and Noah survive Mia and Noah’s life are in Jeopardy during the film’s last act when their container fills with water destroying whatever meager resources Mia has gathered in addition Mia is hurt and the mother and daughter must stay alive by occupying the container’s roof as they flowed aimlessly across the ocean however Mia rushes to gather her deceased daughter’s final memory when she sees a picture of Yuma Noah’s crib escapes the container during the procedure and the infant floats across the ocean Mia

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eventually makes it to her daughter by swimming to her after hearing Noah’s cries while the mother and daughter reunite the container their only security is Left Behind as a result Mia and Noah flowed in the ocean with only Noah’s crib to support them soon Mia Runs Out of strength and is close to giving up on her survival quest she thanks Noah for being with her and admits her daughter’s presence filled her with courage however she can no longer protect her daughter against a harsh ocean waves just as Mia is about to give up she notices seagulls in the sky and deduces they are close to land as a result Mia uses the last of Noah’s umbilical cord to attract the seagulls hoping it will also bring the attention of nearby Fishers finally a fisherwoman and her family come to Noah’s Aid Mia on the other hand decides to grow after using all of her remaining strength to shove Noah’s cradle in the direction of the ground as soon as it seemed like there was no hope left the fisherwoman saved Mia by tying her hand to Noah’s crib with a cord the string serves as a metaphor for the connection between a mother and daughter just like the umbilical cord does the

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loss of Yuma inspires Mia to do whatever it takes to keep her second daughter safe throughout the entire movie however Mia is inspired by Noah to persevere in the face of insurmountable circumstances Noah ends up saving her mother in the end which makes for an emotional resolution the film ends with Mia waking up after the fisherwoman performs CPR and she realizes she and Noah have reached Ireland what happened to Niko how did Yuma die in the film Mia’s tale of survival is balanced by her family tragedies at the start of her journey a pregnant Mia is separated from her husband Niko it quickly becomes evident that surviving without Niko will be difficult for Mia especially in her condition moreover when Niko fails to contact Mia for days it seems like he has abandoned his wife and unborn

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daughter however towards the end Niko surfaces again only to add more misery to Mia’s already dire circumstances ultimately Niko reveals he was caught sneaking on board a ship trying to reach Mia as a result he is shot and speaks with Mia and Noah with his dying breath in contrast the horrible circumstances in which Yuma Niko and Mia’s first-born daughter died Yuma urged her mother to flee the house as the regime regularly carried out mass killings Yuma was found and slain by the dictatorship in the 5 minutes after me a letter outside Mia consequently holds herself

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accountable for her daughter’s passing throughout her journey Mia has images of Yuma that underline her guilt and push her to her limits furthermore Mia is even more inspired by Yuma’s passing to defend Noah at all means because of this Mia’s journey of survival is defined by her own misfortunes which force her to overcome grief and suffering in order to protect her infant daughter it is Mia’s fortitude and strength that in the end assure both her and Noah’s survival

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