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knock at the cabin on netflix | knock at the cabin full movie | knock at the door movie 2023 | knock at the cabin door cast | knock at the cabin plot | knock at the cabin plot spoilers

all right so M Night fans are in for another Twist and Turn psychological Horror Story with his latest knock at the cabin four strangers one cabin the signs are all there but yeah we’re gonna be breaking this thing down for y’all what the ending means a whole lot of symbolism and of course our reaction and review of the movie and the mandatory M Night Cameo all sorts of heavy spoilers in this one so a huge thank you for clicking this I’m your host Jared now let’s get into knock at the cabin yeah foreign [Music] opens on a family of three on vacation at a remote Cabin in the Woods as we’re introduced to a young Wen catching grasshoppers it’s funny because she’s kind of like categorizing these into our little notebook showing that she’s an inquisitive little girl she looks up though as a stranger walks out of the woods towards her and this is Dave Batista’s Leonard after the two play a game of back and forth questions Leonard’s friends follow behind and he tells when his heart hurts because he has to make a terrible decision that day bam we are right into the home invasion portion of this movie as Leonard and his group try to calmly reason and

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discuss what is about to happen but have to kind of use Force against daddy Andrew and daddy Eric the couple is tied up after Eric hits his head resulting in a concussion the poor strangers line up with their makeshift weapons and Leonard tells them that they need to make the ultimate sacrifice to stop the apocalypse and one of the three must willingly give their life to stop it by the hand of another what no obviously Eric Andrew Wen hell even me was like what’s the catch what what’s the twist here the four calmly introduced themselves Leonard a school teacher Sabrina a nurse who spent most of her life savings getting there but like like how she she only drove a car you’re a nurse you should be getting whatever Adrian a cook who has a young son and Redmond Harry Potter’s best friend they all claim they had shared visions of the end of the world Terminator style which guided them together and led them to this remote cabin so at this point this seems like a random encounter but the couple specifically Andrew believes that it’s a targeted attack on the same-sex couple Leonard the leader assures him that that’s not the case and that every

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time they say no to their demands the four of them will release a different plague upon the people of the world essentially judging them against sounding like some January 6th 4chan poppycock the three refuse resulting in Redmond being the first to give his life after their no response while Redmond states that a plague will be released anyone lives Eric’s season out of the ordinary bright light behind Redmond but thinks nothing of it they turn on the television to see a massive earthquake has occurred sending a giant Johnny Tsunami barreling the West Coast taking thousands of lives okay I’ll bite what the hell is actually going on here Leonard assures them that everything they are saying is true they must just believe them but it’s pretty hard to believe when they claim the visions of these so-called nightmares just came to them in the middle of the night a few more personal Snippets of the four mysterious

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people’s lives how they met and flashbacks of Eric and Andrew the flashback showed the hardships of the pair as a couple adopting when having to lie about the relationship and driving to to the cabin only hours before Andrew and Eric still in disbelief this series of question answer unaliving plague continues with Adrian sacrificing herself resulting in the second plague a virus called X9 affecting thousands of children when distracts Leonard and Sabrina allowing Andrew to break free grabbing his gun from the vehicle and then shooting Sabrina as she tries to attack him again they say no to Leonard’s demands and soon the newscast on the television showcases hundreds of airplanes across the planet falling from the sky resulting in again thousands of deaths Andrew still skeptical of everything urging that they are in some weird ass cult the broadcasts are fake and again claiming that this is a targeted attack when he remembers being assaulted years ago in a bar by none other than Redmond things are a bit squirrely now

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because yeah there’s got to be a catch right but Eric is starting to believe in Leonard nerd and claims he saw a vision of a glowing figure when he saw the bright light earlier in the film Leonard being the last one again asks them if they are willing but again receives a no he urges them that they will only have minutes to choose after his passing or they will be destined to walk the scorched land after Earth is destroyed just the three of them lightning begins to rain down after Leonard’s passing Eric and Andrew still don’t know what to do because is any of this actually real but Eric steps in saying he believes there’s a reason he saw the glowing figure and the four were actually The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse embodying the essential components of humanity malice nurturing healing and guidance as Andrew then shoots Eric Andrew goes to when hiding in the treehouse as they watch burning trees fall on the cabin destroying it all as then the skies clear up and the lightning stops the pair make it to Leonard’s truck discovering

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everything that the group said was true meaning that all of the visions and plagues had to be true too right they drive into the nearby Village seen a diner full of people watching newscasts from around the world covering the destruction that just took place the belief is real even one of the waitresses can be heard talking to a loved one on the phone expressing their love for them the final bit sees when and Andrew get back into the truck and Boogie Shoes the same song that the three listen to on their way to the cabin plays on the radio the two turn it off and then back on wondering if everything was a coincidence or if they should believe that it’s a sign from a higher power as they drive off into the sunset all right so uh yeah there’s no big twist No Big M Night Shyamalan he was dead the whole time reveal so uh apologies for anyone who wanted their brain exploded but there is a lot of symbolism here that clearly alludes to this encompassing religion belief those who don’t believe in a higher power rather chalking it up as a coincidence and the second coming of Christ this is pretty much hinted at throughout the film for example the couple thinks it’s Jehovah Witnesses at the door originally they are fear-mongered into believing like some religions do

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about heaven and hell there’s a mural of Jesus playing basketball when adopting when Sabrina mentions that she hadn’t been to church in years because it was boring and that people should believe in something bigger than themselves but it’s very much hammered home with the four horsemen the plagues and the impending apocalypse sure it’s revealed close to the end of the film specifically that each of the four people embody Aid going back to you know the malice the nurture healing and guidance but Shyamalan did some clever costuming because the color of their shirts reflect the traits before the movie reveals who they actually are redmen conveying malice was wearing red which typically means anger aggression or warning also historically red was quote here the first color named after white and black symbolizing him biting the dust first also if you look at the Blackboard in the background it’s kind of teased Adrian was nurturing because she was a cook and blue is a calming relaxing trustworthy color that is reliable for support Sabrina being healing she was a nurse and yellow affects the logical part of the brain stimulating


perception and lastly Leonard was guidance being a teacher and a coach with white or light pink I don’t know I might be a little bit colorblind but it’s a mix of self-reflection warmth and compassion so Mr Knight good job on you with those colors anyway Eric Andrew and Wen were specifically picked for this sacrifice because they were full of love and Purity in a world that otherwise was not now Andrew was very much on the outskirts of things having selfish ideas and such they had all been through prejudices though deformities treated like outcasts but remained unbreakable and Eric’s Vision was what truly ended it all he finally believed it’s almost like a scene is believing approach like all the other four that received Visions from The Four Horsemen Eric instead saw God maybe Jesus a deity of some sort or even the fabled fifth Horseman which is said to bring about rebirth and grow a healthier future this is why he slowly started to believe in something greater than himself and he could see Andrew and Wen living the dreams that they always wanted to in the future even the grasshoppers in the opening sequence symbolized


patience and a leap of faith that they all had to take in order to stop everything I I could be dead wrong here but I think Knight was going on how we need to change the way we act to save the world and lastly the Boogie Shoes song at the end is just just toying with everything we just saw the belief that we should or shouldn’t have was it a coincidence or was it a sign from a greater power was the entire series of events coincidence or a greater sign what exactly is The Happening Here I want to say Andrew and Wen believe in a greater power telling them that Eric is now in a better place watching after them but for everyone at the diner coincidence might still be what they believe now knock at the cabin which by the way knock that like And subscribe Button as it helps keep those pesky Horsemen away and the spoilers flowing but yeah this is uh roughly based on the 2018 novel The Cabin at the End of the World by Paul Tremblay I briefly glanced through a summary of this before and I would say say that a majority of this kind of follows the same story beats different characters doing different things here or there but two of the


biggest differences between the novel and the movie is that when does not pass away in the movie I know that this was a big moment in the novel and the ending is not left ambiguous you know like the novel M Night mentioned in an interview that he actually called Tremblay about the changes that he was going to make and surprisingly Tremblay said the M night’s ending was his second choice for the novel he was split so uh the the more you know I I thought knock at the cabin was fine I was intrigued by where everything was going whether or not the events were actually happening and real but revealing the truth like Midway in the film kinda took away that Big M Night twist that were usually you know banking on again the story was fine a little heavy-handed on the religious metaphors throughout and why certain connections were even there like Rupert being the guy in the bar why and honestly kinda had like a cabin in the woods feel at the end I’d give it like a low 7 out of ten but the technical side of things is where this movie shines this might be Batista’s best performance very subdued and quiet reminded me of his bit part from Blade Runner 2049 so he was definitely the standout and some of the camera work that they did was hella cool like



Batista is using this weapon at some point and it like follows the trajectory as he like cranks it back and then goes for a hit oh an M nights Cameo was so ridiculously dumb I couldn’t not love it basically they are flipping through TV channels you know looking at these newscast apocalypse and he’s just on one selling air fryers in an infomercial for like a solid 15 seconds anyway I kind of do wish that some of this was just a big elaborate goof and they were tricking them but uh you know whatever the story was fine anyway I’d love to hear your thoughts on knock at the cabin was this one of M night’s better films in the last few decades or is his shtick getting old and I’ll let you know we’re


currently running a competition giving away three copies of wakanda Forever on the 15th of February and all you gotta do to get a chance of winning this is like this video make sure to subscribe with notifications on and drop a comment with your thoughts on knock at the cabin down below we picked the comments at random at the end of every single month in the winners of last month are on screen right now so if that’s you message us on Twitter at heavy spoilers if you want something else to watch be sure to check out some of our other videos right over there click one just do it knock knock knock on one of those videos but with that out of the way thank you for your constant support I’ve been Jared I’ll see in the next one take care and peace

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