heart of stone movie in hindi filmyzilla | Heart of stone movie filmyzilla | heart of stone movie movierulz | heart of stone wiki | heart of stone 2

heart of stone movie in hindi filmyzilla | Heart of stone movie filmyzilla | heart of stone movie movierulz | heart of stone wiki | heart of stone 2

So the film starts in a snowy area. where a party was going on in a hotel. There we are shown a government officer, Some agents of a company called MI6 were behind him. who wanted to catch him. Actually, that officer had, some secret information about their company. MI6 agents, in which one agent’s name is Parker. Along with his female agent. He came to catch that government officer in that party. Here there is another girl in their team, whose name is Stone. She is a big hacker in their company. Now Stone steals the manager’s phone at the party, and puts her agent’s name in the party, by which she could now come to the party. Then some secret videos of the US government, on the screen started to play. Which everyone started watching there. Then there Parker’s agent, tries to catch that government officer. She wanted to give him an unconscious injection, but the guards of that officer came there.

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Now Parker ran away with that government officer, while Stone and other female agents, also ran after them. But then Stone stopped there. She takes out her Airpods and starts talking to an agent. Who was going to tell her the way, where Parker took that government officer. The agent who was talking to Stone. He could stand near a supercomputer and see Stone, and could also tell her about the things around Stone. This supercomputer was so smart that it kept all the data of the world with it. In fact, it could also tell everyone’s information. Not only this but it can tell the future, what can happen in the coming time. Actually, Stone was also an agent of another company, and she also worked with MI6, which means that MI6 people, did not know about the real form of Stone. That she is with someone else besides us. Now the agent with whom Stone was talking. He shows her a parachute, with the help of

Heart of stone movie filmyzilla |

which Stone reaches there, where Parker took that government officer. There were also some goons, whose Stone competes very bravely. When her other MI6 team comes, by that time, that government officer had taken his life by eating poison. Now they all reach their office, where Stone tells the boss about the hacker girl, who had played a secret video in the hotel. Stone says that she has some such information, about which we should know. But her boss refuses. And asks to pay attention to your work. Anyway, now Stone, Parker, and the rest of the team go to a hotel to party, where they talk about the same hacker girl. Here Stone’s team members said. Maybe that hacker girl, is working in the team of those agents. She is involved with those who are against us. But these people did not know that Stone was also working with that team. Now the next morning, Stone goes to her other office, whose company’s name was Charter Company. Here Stone meets her other team members, there was also the boss of the Charter

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Company. All of them were also talking about the same hacker girl. Because she already knew all their secrets. Here an agent, who always helped Stone, tells her that the name of the hacker girl is Keya, and she lives in India. So a smart man, who is an agent, had learned computer hacking from him. But now they do not talk to each other. All this information, that agent gets from his supercomputer, that is named Heart. Now the boss of the Charter Company says, that we will send all the information of Keya to MI6, after which you Stone, catch her. But this plan did not seem right to Stone. But Stone’s boss and agent both, tell Stone to trust the computer. The next morning, an agent of MI6 calls Stone and tells her, that tomorrow morning we have to go to Germany. Because we have got some information about Keya, i.e. the hacker girl. So now Stone, Parker, and their two other companions leave for Germany. When they reached there, and were dancing and having fun in the hotel. Then some goons came there,

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who attacked them. Because of that attack, Parker was also conscious. His other two agents start competing with those goons. Then Stone talks to the agent of her Charter team on the call. So that she can tell him, the way to be saved by the super AI computer. That agent says, look, you get out of here, otherwise you will also be killed. You cannot compete with these people. But Stone did not want to leave her MI6 team in such danger, so now she competes with those goons. She was beating those goons in a great way. When her other agent sees Stone fighting like this, she gets surprised. Because Stone was just a hacker in their eyes. This was the first time, they saw her fighting like this. Now, the four of them sit in a truck and leave from there. Stone, who was driving the truck. She saved her team very well and brought them. These four reach a safe place. Where Stone’s female agent says, who are

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you? Stone, I have seen you like this for the first time. You will have to tell us about your reality. Stone did not have any other way, so now she tells them her truth, that I also work for a charter company. Then Parker takes out his gun there. And kills his other two agents. Seeing this, Stone was very surprised and scared. She asks Parker, why did you do all this? Then we come to know that Parker and Keya, i.e the Hacker girl are both together. They both wanted to get the supercomputer heart. Parker tells Stone that you should take your decisions according to the supercomputer, not by your own will. If your company’s agents told you to run away from here. Then why didn’t you run away from there? And why did you save these two? Saying this, he attacks Stone. And gives her a paralyzing drug. Due to which Stone could not move her hands and feet. But he does not kill her. Because he wants to know the location of the heart. And the government officer we saw in the beginning. He was also killed by Parker. He tells her that when I


asked him about the location of the heart. He did not tell me anything. Now he puts a tracker device with Stone, so that whenever the people, of Stone’s team come here to save her. He will know about the heart where it is. Because the heart was actually, designed by the charter company. There was a device with it, which could be attached to the computer, and find out the data of the whole world. And the one who controlled the heart. He could control the whole world. That’s why Parker was after the heart. After a while, the charter team comes and: saves Stone and takes her with them. There they find out that someone had hacked their computers. But after a while, the charter’s agents: had also fixed them. Stone was also cured. The drug addiction had subsided from her. What Parker had given her. She also breaks the tracker device with her. What Parker had put in her. An agent tells them that someone hacked our systems. So that they could reach the heart. But now it is completely safe. It is kept in a locker, which is of the shape of a balloon, which is safe at a height of 40,000 feet from our land. And now it is going to South Africa. The


boss of the company tells Stone that I can’t keep you at work now. You need rest. And you didn’t work according to our plan. Otherwise, your team MI6 agents would have been alive today. And she also says that you have been: working with Parker for so long. You didn’t even realize how he is. You didn’t realize his truth. Stone was also angry. That’s why she threw her card there and left. When Stone was going on the bus. She gets a call from Kiya who tells her: Oh my God, your team should not remove you from the job. The Charter’s boss meets her other team. Where they tell her that when we were making Heart AI, Parker was also included in our team. and when Charter Company dropped a bomb at one place. Where there was a terrorist, Parker was also present at that time. He was injured because of that explosion. So maybe this is the reason that Parker: is taking revenge on the charter. And now he will breathe peace after taking Heart. After this, we are shown Keya and Parker together. Where Keya was telling Parker: that you shouldn’t have killed those MI6 agents. This was not included in our plan. After this, now, these two: were going to the location of Heart. On the other hand, Stone also hacks the CCTV cameras: From which she also found


out about Keya. On the other side, Keya and Parker reach that balloon locker. In which Heart AI was. They jumped into it. Then Stone also reaches here with the help of a parachute. But Stone got late. Before this, Stone could stop the theft of Heart. Keya stole it and put her biometric inside it. And now only Keya could run Heart. She also picked up the Heart device. Outside, Stone and Parker are fighting. Where Parker was trying to push Stone down. But Stone hangs with support. Now Parker was going to sit in his helicopter with Keya. But Keya was hanging with a rope. Then Stone also caught that rope: with which Keya was hanging. She then cuts that rope too. With the help of a parachute, these two now fall in the desert area. Here Keya tells Stone that I have learned: how to kill people from an agent. But he killed my mom and dad for his own benefit. He is a very bad. A person who does all the wrong things in the world. I just wanted to steal the heart and bring all the: deeds of that man in front of the world. And that’s why I was supporting Parker. But my purpose in this work was not to kill people. She also tells her that Parker wants to take


that heart: and finish the charter. But Stone tells her that no, he has told you wrong. He does not want to control the charter: but the whole world. That’s why he is after the heart. There a woman comes who takes them from her car. Here Stone puts a tracking device in Keya’s clothes. Then a man of Parker came on the way. He kills the woman in whose car these two were sitting. And his other men attacked Stone. She jumped into the water to escape them. Then a charter member came and saved her. Stone now tells her charter boss about Keya that where she is? Because she had put the tracker in her clothes. Now soon the charter boss had prepared his secret team. So that he could catch Parker and Keya. On the other hand, Keya and Parker were activating the heart. As soon as the heart device starts, all the computers there start. Now with the help of Keya’s heart. She gets all the information about the man. Who had killed his mom and dad. After this, Parker looks at the charter team. And spoils the lift from where people were coming. Because of which everyone is killed. Keya gives all this and says that what you are doing is wrong. Parker


says that this is not wrong. We have to finish the charter team. He uses his powers to kill people for no reason. Also, now with the help of the heart, he closes the charter team in his office. Now, they had only one hour of oxygen: left with which he could breathe. Seeing Parker doing all this, Keya understood that he was also killing innocent people. After knowing all this, Keya secretly installs the virus in the entire system. And then she calls Stone and says that I knew that you had installed the tracking device in my clothes. So we showed you the wrong location. Which was just a plan to kill your team. Now I am sending you to the right location. Because I know that Parker is wrong. You will have to come here so that we can save the heart. By then the charter team reached the secret place: where Keya had told them the wrong address. There is a powerful explosion in which all team is killed. Stone starts going to Keya’s right location. Keya also closed all the systems for a while. Parker understands that all this work, has been done by


Keya. That’s why he starts looking for her here and there. There Stone’s boss tells her that Parker has imprisoned us with the help of the heart. We have a shortage of oxygen. Stone, having trusted Keya’s words, reached that place. There she sees that Parker also caught Keya. Because he had found out everything about Keya. He tells her to activate the heart. But then Stone came in front of them. She takes a gun on him. Parker took a gun on Keya. And he tells Stone to put the gun down. He tells Stone that I have worked all my life for my country. And in the end, I got only betrayal. Especially from the charter. That’s why I will take the heart under my control: and take over everything. Stone hears everything, and says that you are also like the Charter. As soon as you got the heart, you also started killing innocent people. Then Keya gets away from Parker and gets on the side. And now Stone and Parker were fighting. Parker had caught Stone. Then Keya throws a gun at Stone. Taking which Stone shoots at Parker.


Parker was about to die because of the bullet. And he tells Stone while dying that I have come to take revenge. Saying this, he dies. And here his work is over. Stone calls her boss. She had taken the heart under her control. That’s why she opened the door. With which everyone’s life was saved. The heart again comes under the control of the charter. Now we see the scene after 4 weeks. Where Stone goes to the house of MI6 agents. And those who died. She gives gifts to their children. After this, she meets Keya who is in jail. She also tells Keya to join the charter. She gives him a joker card. After a few days, Stone and Keya are shown on a mission. Where Stone’s agent companion was also with them. They were laughing and talking to each other. And decide that the three of us, will always go on a mission as a team to stop evil. And with this, the story of this movie ends here.

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