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Extraction ii movie in hindi | extraction 2 movie in hindi filmyzilla | extraction 2 movie in hindi filmymeet | extraction 2 movie in hindi mp4moviez | Extraction ii movie filmyzilla | extraction 2 full movie youtube


listen well truthfully the there was talk of doing another one before we even finished shooting the first one so Netflix somehow extracted another movie off of a character who straight up died in the last one’s ending and I’d mentioned the first element how the Russo’s have been expanding as producers including with that one and how they were eventually going to work with the Daniels well if you’ll listen we got you this one’s also directed by Sam Hargrave who did the first one but also did a lot more Marvel stuff than I realized because he directed and doubled for that cap on cat fight where he was playing the older cap since he was playing him for a long time and then he was fighting alongside his younger brother who was a stunt double for the younger cap turns out he wasn’t just coordinating stunts but was directing a lot of the action scenes from Marvel like he’s the one who filmed the wakanda entrance in Infinity war with Thor is he that one in the group project who does all the work well these two directed directors really excited about this next chapter of my life so with full spoilers let me explain he were clinically dead nine

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months ago yeah it was on the first one Tyler Rick was able to pull a successful extraction before dying and now he’s been born again this sequel begins with him in therapy after almost drowning and having a film Thor 4 eventually fighting himself in a cabin in the woods that’s when a new character named Alcott comes in offering him another job since he’s now known as the myth of Mumbai you’re right no I Street first he gives the element these two brothers who built up a criminal Empire after being raced through a war and a Daddy who abused them growing up and well they don’t just wear wife beaters but live up to their tea one of them is still out and about killing his enemies with Our Hero’s last name after making them walk to their own grave hello fun fact here the director is the one digging which is a lot easier than when he strapped himself to a car in the first movie whatever I’ve asked Chris or any other stunt performer to do I’ve either done myself or have designed uh you know to some degree but he’s still strapping himself to a car in the second movie while one brother’s pulling a double tap the other one’s in trouble and trapped his entire family in prison alongside him like he’s bait The Twist though is that all those flashbacks from the first movie yeah

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completely extracted to turns out that the mom in prison is actually Tyler’s wife’s sister making them family after chilling for a bit and watching Dancing with the Stars which almost kept him from being Thor in real life Tyler’s inspired to come back by this Buzz Lightyear painting that a son made for him in the past and he retrains himself through a rocky montage as soon as he arrives to save the family the little girl forgets it’s a quiet place and tips off the prison when she drops her toy sending them on the longest movie winner I’ve seen in a minute personally I think the one from the previous movie was better and that one already clocked in at a whopping 12 minutes here they legit just went what if we put the two in front of the one they’re going from South to South forcing the focus puller to struggle more than Tyler he’s blowing up the doors while the family’s still by its hinges but luckily they let the kids Escape before it truly gets rated R they had said that it took about 29 days to film it with over 400 stuns some extras and look as a long take Aficionado I thought it was pretty awesome even if it isn’t truly uncut with the movie Victoria did because there are moments where they push the camera in on stuff just to be able to hide the edit you know or switch out for a double but it’s still 21 minutes of intensity Tyler ends up fighting with his brother-in-law but it’s the wife

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who takes him out with a shovel and keeps it as he Tangles with the prisoners out in the open and then we get like a mini Raid 2 fight now they claim that Chris really got lit up like a fire flower and got to do the Mario punch on that and if that’s true I mean it did look like the coolest part of this stunt this Wonder then keeps going as they escape the prison and pull the children of men as I get into the car and swivel away Vehicles start flipping bikers start tripping and they’re taking more shots than double 07 but damn do the bad guys get so close and yet like this long take couldn’t get one shot Chris is like I don’t want to run anymore I’m like I’m running with you man I’m right there with you this was the most painful sequence funny enough out of all the things I’ve done they continue on a train where Tyler still on his Call of Duty and pulls a metal slug as he starts taking the mount from the sky the apps still find a way to get on board as they’re going 40 miles an hour but rake’s bullets Pierce through them in the snow as he ends up taking down more helicopters than Captain America the surviving brother finds out what happened to his brother and almost performs his own autopsy meanwhile Tyler needs to reveal while he was uh running so fast and fierce I

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was gonna tell you we landed that’s it his nephew prefers his other Uncle Sandra calls the other bad brother who tries to convince him that it was actually the mom’s plan to get their daddy killed the entire time but Tyler fathers him by calling his daddy a liar and tells him that lie should not consume him because he’s now the new Man of the House the kid still gives out the assassination coordinates the bad guys fly in and just shoot up the entire Tower with the family inside and yet this boy still runs back like a puppy and look I’ll give them credit for what’s obviously a promo for this Vienna Tower because clearly they needed some nice real estate drone shots but Netflix was just shooting up the place the bad guys then come in with an army Bazookas and goons who look like Goombas Tyler’s able to get the family to safety and help this girl’s vitamin deficiency while these wrecking more Range Rovers than a sweet 16. they set up booby traps to prove they’re not home alone as Yaz gets one of the best fight scenes with these awesome shots going down the stairs but it’s Tyler who gets the goofiest sequence because the whole gym scene turns out was based

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off workout gone wrong Sam said that was actually the stunt to pop and fight choreographers based on YouTube fails of people going in no way I caught up in a bit of equipment let’s just kill him Nick takes her fight to the roof where she almost falls off before Tyler breaks the glass ceiling for her and holds on for dear life even after getting shot in the hand that grip though the bad guy doesn’t notice Nick’s awake and ends up in the same position as Tyler as he swings her in and she fights that Turtle Club guy who barely made it up a boy gets waxed in seconds these two both do pull-ups and then make dust Angels on the roof as we get the worst fight between in-laws and there’s not even alcohol involved they’re able to punch their way out of there but right is there about to escape Yaz gets shot and I don’t know what it’s hands worth but at least now he has matching shirt holes like he wanted that’s what they should there’s a

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bet or something all right you like it no no I guess you won one thing that I stood out in both involvements for me is that sibling relationship not only between Yaz and Nick but also with them and Tyler because I like that a lot of their banter doesn’t lead to the cliche romance subplots but keeps their action to strictly actioned on top of that gold shifted farahani is a certified badass like this woman was actually exiled from her home country of Iran after making projects the government didn’t like so she really is about that life meanwhile Hemsworth is getting 40x billboards with a sweat on it this could actually be a sweat from Chris Hemsworth they make it back to rake secret base where he finally gets reunited with his wife Ogo Kurylenko he doesn’t even get a hello welcome to the franchise nothing but then we learned that it was actually Tyler who dipped on his child because he was sick and couldn’t do anything about it so happy Father’s Day [ __ ] fix it so he just extracted himself well I got it the bad guy refuses to leave until he gets his third act fight and even goes as far as killing his own right hand man I’m not coming to negotiate Tyler sneaks up on them since his Metal Gear is solid and is able to take down that one action goon from John Wick he then lights up the place in order to save his nephew but Sandro sassordo and doesn’t even hear him coming or you


can see that he’s become the bomb they take the final fight to the church in the house of God where the bad guy thinks he’s in a god-given quest which is kind of hard to convince those type of people he’s even strapped his nephew to blow Nick comes in just in time to exchange body shots with no hands and then these two get lows they’re hitting each other with plywood Nails saws Chris almost even grabs a hammer but isn’t worthy enough which I thought was a really clever homage to his previous job of almost becoming a carpenter right as Tyler’s about to run out of HP he’s able to take out zurab as they lay their like pieces on a chessboard in the end both Tyler and Nick survive long enough to see a trilogy but they’re both in prison until they’re not as heimdo extracts them and opens new doors for them to work on a third my name is emmetta no it does who I work for the russos

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