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listen you know you know it’s dinosaurs and T-rexes it’s like it’s great yeah and I’ve been to the theater to see Idris Elba fight a lion so seeing a movie with Adam Driver on the evil civilization fighting dinos seemed like it was going to be a lot of fun you know it came from the writers who did a quiet place who are now directing their first feature after meeting as kids and really really liking dinos now they have a bigger budget than Jurassic Park with new tech with Sam raymi as producer but damn did the marketing let the movie Down 6.5 Seconds of 65. clearly it’s one of those that’s directed to be a surprise but then like the trailers show you everything which I don’t think is what the directors Envision so if the teaser piqued your interest or you’re a big Dino fan then I say it’s worth the rent it since it’s a breezy 90 minutes there’s some really nice shots Adam and Ariana aren’t too bad but like it’s not something you’re

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going to remember too long after but it helps kill time that said considering it’s bomb and worse than a death star a big thanks to this video sponsor who’s even higher Jeff Goldblum to do my job for them rage Shadow Legends I mean wow see these Studios love to send us links and then claim every video even if it’s positive and then block any video If you criticize it too much but you know eleme uh finds a way so before we get into big spoilers a big shout out to the biggest supporter of YouTubers and an ad so well known it’s the only one that gets people to comment so if you’re ever waiting at a film festival wait list and eat practice then tap tap tap away with raid Shadow Legends it’s the free mobile RPG with endless bosses to battle that’s past 80 million downloads and is celebrating its fourth year anniversary so for that they’re pulling a Wendy’s four for four dinner party where they’re Gathering all of the best Champions so you can play as Fiona’s favorite character and slay a bunch of dragons get angry with Angar and my

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Gala long braids with thick thighs crushed lives or suit up as a last groom and feel more gorgeous than Reggie before d d comes out an epic a dragon or even a household pet on top of all the birthday upgrades for the anniversary Prime members will also get an exclusive drop as well as everyone getting a recap video of all the sets you’ve ever had in raid so if you’re interested in supporting the channel click the link down below or scan the QR code in the corner you may have missed and all new players will get all new bonuses from refills potions Brews and Kelly the champion while everybody can use promo code four years rate to get four skill bonuses to try and face my alamy kingdom on the battlefield let me explain my name is Mills I was a pilot of this ship we’ve crash landed on an Uncharted Planet so the story follows a man named Mills who’s known as an astronaut from the trailers but because this world is so Advanced him flying ships in this universe just make some a space Uber he decides to take on a two-year mission to bring over 35 cryo passengers in order to Triple his salary so he can cure his daughter’s Illness but on his way over

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from a galaxy far far away he gets hit with some illegal rocks my ship was hit by an undocumented asteroid the ship ends up crash landing on the Third Rock From the Sun and right off the gate Mills is clearly getting fired but it also felt like Adam was hired to do someone else’s job two people in our mind when we wrote the script and it’s going to sound maybe comical and yet in our brains this makes perfect sense okay we imagined Adam Driver and we imagine Tom Cruise and those were the two people and they were two different versions of this movie and they were waiting for our signal to hand it to him and we decided in the 11th hour we were like actually we think don’t don’t give it the time we’re actually like kind of more excited about this Adam Driver version and I think like one of the after exploring for 15 minutes the title card drops right when Adam finds this dinosaur footprint which is directed to be a massive reveal that everyone already saw in the poster like it’s what got all 65 people to watch it in theaters a lot of the direction also ends up looking goofy because of it because you’ll have Mills pulling up on a bone as if you didn’t

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see the whole skeleton that’s right in front of him so I honestly wish the directors would have gotten the Cloverfield treatment so the reveal could have been a reveal because the thing they end up relying on is that it’s a flip-on Planet of the Apes where there is no time travel he’s just a human-like dude from another planet who also spoke English 65 million years ago who just so happens to crash land on Earth with these bird lizards he’s never heard of something alien that’s not to say it doesn’t look good because there were some great Landscapes beautiful landscapes they shot in Oregon and swamped Louisiana so they were able to capture all of nature power lines and all we keep saying it’s like rolling to emmerich meets Terence Malik where there’s these two different disparate tones but there’s there’s a way to combine them Mills is walking around prehistoric Earth with no narration and just a few gadgets when he comes across another Survivor named KOA who’s about his daughter’s age and he lies to her about her parents death and plans a trip to make it to the top of the mountain to find the Escape vessel they need Cola gets the lme on Mills through his futuristic view master and learns about his daughter yet they don’t speak the same language causing

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some misunderstanding with one version of the script not even having them talk at all the original first draft of it was even Wilder you know it went even farther with not speaking to you know no words in the thing like if we did our jobs right you could put this movie on mute and watch it and be able to follow the whole story and everything had to live up to that standard uh uh until uh people seem to think that it was good that we explained at least something you know the what consists of her throwing berries and him teaching her how to eat them her learning to swear in English for the audience because Mills is studying her language but he doesn’t speak it and I think the biggest thing that the marketing cut out was how lighthearted and Goofy it is because there’s a moment where they turn him into Buster kylo as he’s pulling all this physical comedy on their track you know he’s like three stooges but in the forest and [ __ ] after an attack Mills gets hurt causing him to pull every Gizmo out of his utility belt boy’s got pellets uh Compass a Brita filter and I guess the Duolingo app because KOA learns more words than he knows of hers you and I are gonna get home who family ready fun fact on the dinos is that they actually hired Cirque du Soleil performers to

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put on suits in order to have something for the stunts on set and I think the sound design really helps with it it does a decent job at elevating all the action scenes and even sneaking in some sci-fi Easter eggs but besides having more stunt performers than they did actors it was also interesting to see the score credited to Danny elfman’s Protege after he was supposed to do it but then he still ended up with a credit as well as Michael jokino so there was definitely a lot of chefs in the kitchen cooking back to the movie our duel sleeps off their bruises in this cave where zoa gets attacked by this creepy prehistoric bug that enters her mouth but that’s only the appetizer to the one and only Rex or whatever Giga megabyte version they went ready run they end up macgyvering their way out as Koa gets chased by a raptor and Adam ropes himself into quicksand but even though his devices start flaking on him Cole is able to save him at the last minute making her General Mills lucky charm that is until he notices the extinction level asteroid coming down then he realizes it’s not the end of the dinosaurs it’s the last of us we need to get you home ready they hat back on the ship only for the big Dino to toss them in it trapping the ship within the production design and then

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untrapping the ship because there’s like 15 minutes left in the movie they use the last bit of tech that they have to dupe the dinosaur with a hologram of Mill’s daughter meaning the man has to see a giant monster pretend to eat the memory of his already dead child because if you didn’t realize it’s not the external battle he’s struggling with it’s the internal as he overcomes his grief and these CGI dinos Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible 3 he has this great run that lasts about 20 seconds and Adam and ourselves were like what if we beat that what if we shoot like a 21 second version of it just out of a fun Challenge and so we we actually I don’t think the full version of it is in the movie but we’re pretty damn close and we have it somewhere on on our dailies we we have the receipts for that so I don’t know if I would go as Extreme as uh the Tom Cruise part of it but I I love what he does he may be an old geezer but remembers the geyser from an hour ago and Springs to it setting up the dino to get steamed and going extinct before the meteor even hits in the end they hop on the ship choke out the asteroid and fly up up and away as we stare into the Horizon at a new Duck man if only Sonia made this into a video game um how do you do a dinosaur movie

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Jurassic Park was so great it really really set the bar what’s a new way in and and also why does Steven Spielberg get to have all the fun can’t somebody else do a dinosaur movie once in a while well thank you all for watching this video I’m curious to know your thoughts Down Below in the comment section there was also an after credit sequence where they show you a time lapse of Earth developing After The Dinosaurs went extinct and kind of just letting you know the twist again you know even though it was the opening title but I’m curious to see what they do with this if they want to do sequels and you know parts of the ship were left behind maybe they come back in and just call it 365 is a sequel uh in order to see how they spawn Humanity but I’m curious to see where they take this because you know these guys have been able to take original stuff and then just make crazy IP I know they’re working on Stephen King’s uh adaptation for the boogeyman that they wrote but I’m also really curious to hear their Resident Evil idea because they have this take where they want to make it all in one long take and I think that would be really cool it would be a lot like the video game so well I wasn’t the biggest fan of this movie I’m so curious to see what they have


in store I also heard that they opened up their own movie theater in Iowa which is pretty cool so I’m still curious to see what may be on the horizon for them in terms of casting Ariana has been on a rope like this girl’s played young Gamora young Nina young Velma now she’s gonna be a young lead and girl with Barbie so you know her career is just starting so I’m curious to know anything dealing with people who worked on this movie what you’re interested in I know the big things to raid for sponsoring because we were at South by for the last two weeks and they even had a boost there so it’s only a matter of time before they make raid the movie because they have Ronda Rousey and cements you will need a weapon oh hello that said let me know your thoughts on this movie or any others Down Below in the comment section and until next time don’t forget to comment like And subscribe and I’ll send you Adam’s laser beam


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