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57 seconds movie filmyzilla | 57 seconds netflix | 57 seconds full movie youtube | 57 seconds release date on netflix | 57 seconds cast | 57 seconds box office | 57 seconds age rating | why is 57 seconds rated r


So what if someone gets a chance to go back a few seconds in time, then the same happens with a guy named Franklin who is an article writer. He writes articles for magazines and websites and today he goes first for his job. He is going on the day but he gets late. He has a job as a guard. He does the job not because he wanted to earn money but because he wanted to meet his idol Tom Burrell who had made a lot of progress in science. All the devices were making people’s lives easier. Franklin wanted to interview Burrell. Well, when Franklin went there, he was not even dressed properly and was not able to scan the people coming there properly, due to which He has to hear a thing or two from his boss. There a girl, Jella, helps him in all this and both of them become very good friends, after which

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Franklin asks him out for dinner. Jella asks him to meet her in the evening. That’s when we see that Franklin has a different plan to go inside. There he changes his dress with his friend Andy. Andy was a reporter and he had already come inside with the help of Franklin. He takes her bracelet . After scanning it, he goes inside. He is hiding near a separate stage. Then Burel comes there and he sees Franklin. He asks him who are you and what are you doing here. But then it’s time for him to come on stage, after which he leaves from there and tells Franklin to enjoy the show. Burel tells everyone about his invention. He tells everyone about a bracelet which helps people. He will help them in improving their life, he will monitor them so that they can do any work well, then we see that a guy makes the security guard there unconscious with an electric gadget and he is about to shoot Burel. He moves forward and says

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that Burel steals people’s personal information and he is controlling us all with his device. He is about to shoot him with the gun but Franklin comes in front of that guy and knocks him down. Due to which Burel is saved and the man is arrested. Burel thanks Franklin. Franklin’s hand gets injured. Burel tells him to get his hand treated and there Burel’s assistant bandages it. There he finds a ring lying on the ground, as soon as he touches it, he goes back a few seconds in time. He keeps that ring with him and then he remembers that he had to go to meet Zela also, he was sitting there in the hotel. And he is looking at that ring, then he touches the ring again and again the time goes back a few seconds. He notices that when the ring turns white, then he is ready to do his work again. It becomes white and

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after pressing it once, it takes about 57 seconds to turn white. Now Jella comes there and they both have dinner together. After this, Jella goes to Franklin’s house with him and they meet each other . They start kissing but then Zela sees a purse there. She asks Franklin if he has a girlfriend but then Franklin uses the ring and he turns back time and both of them go back to work . They get engaged and this time he hides the purse, then Zela sees a photo of a girl there, she again asks Franklin if he has a girlfriend, on which Franklin again turns back the time and this time he finds the purse and He also hides the photo of that girl and by doing this he spends a good time with Jella. Now the next morning Jella leaves from there and she says that they will meet again. Now Franklin becomes interested in earning more money for which he He goes to a bar and plays casino in which he repeatedly turns back the time and wins a lot of money. Everyone is watching him and then when he comes out with his money, someone attacks him from behind. Attacks him due to which he falls but he again uses the ring and turns back the time again. Now when

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he is in the bar he sees some people looking at him. They see so much money with Franklin. Franklin is shocked and understands that there is danger here and he spends some of his money there and comes out but the men outside attack him again and tell him not to be seen there again. Then there is another person there. A guy comes, whose name is Calvert, he frees Franklin from that man, after which he takes him to a hotel there and asks him, tell me how were you doing all this there. On which he says that it is just luck, the man laughs and says that yes, your luck is very good that I reached there and saved you from those people. He tells that people have bad rumors about my boss’s company. There are negative things going on and my boss Thorens wants you to write articles for him like you write for other companies but Franklin refuses that man because his company was making medicines that harm people but The man cuts him off and tells him to come and meet him if he feels like it. Franklin leaves from there and comes to

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his house, where Zella is also with him. She changes the entire look of her house with the money she earned in the casino. He does it, seeing which Jella is very happy, he also tells her that today was a super lucky day for me. Jella says that her mobile is dead, can she use his laptop, then she again sees a girl in Franklin’s laptop. She sees his photo and asks him who it is to which he tells that this is my sister who died 4 years ago. Actually his sister had an accident after which she started taking pain relief medicine and she became addicted to it. It happens and after a few days, he dies because of that medicine. Zela feels bad after hearing all this, he tells that that is why Franklin refuses to work for the man whose company’s medicines consumed his sister’s life. He also shows Jella his articles in which he used to write to people to stay away from these medicines. Now he tells Jella that he has also bought a car with the money he earned today and he wants to keep it in his house. He brings the car out to be shown and then he gets a call from

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Burel, who says that if he feels like he can come to interview him, there Burel ‘s assistant Ingram comes to pick him up, gives the car keys to Franklin Zella and leaves from there. He interviews Burel. He asks him if he is making any inventions that can help people avoid accidents. Burel asks him to keep this answer off the record. He tells him that he found a quartz crystal many years ago. On which he is still doing research, when he combines it with AI technology, then perhaps such a device will be made by which people will be able to save themselves from accidents. Burel says that I have done research about you and I know that you You are doing all this for your sister. He says to do whatever your heart tells you to do. Now Franklin returns home from there and he decides to meet Thorens so that he can take revenge from him for his sister. He goes there and tells his boss that my sister died because of your

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medicines and you think that I will work for you. He punches him hard and then his man catches Calved Franklin but Franklin again Turns back the time and this time he gets ready to work for him and for this work Thorens asks him to pay a lot of money. Thorens realizes that he has some power with which he can do everything. He predicts it correctly, so he makes a plan to find out its power. Meanwhile, Franklin reaches his house and tells Zela that he is going to work for Thorens, to which she says that he is going to destroy her. To which Franklin says that he is just working with him so that he can collect evidence against him and bring his truth in front of everyone. Now Franklin goes to work for Thorens, there Thorens’ assistant Rene shows him his office. Then a girl comes to Franklin who starts getting intimate with him. She has been sent by Thorens but Franklin throws her out of the street. On the

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other side, Thorens is watching her with his people that maybe Now Thorens makes another plan and this time he invites Zella and Franklin to a party where he asks them to play the casino again and gets his men to notice him. Franklin wins a lot of money by using the ring again and again but Thorens does n’t know anything. Renee is also trying to find out about it from Jella but Jella also doesn’t know anything about the ring. Now when Franklin is sitting with Thorens and his men, a man comes there and asks everyone about Thorens and goes near him and shoots Thorens. He also kills Jella along with everyone else. He is about to kill Franklin too but then he turns back the time and after that when that guy comes again he shoots a bullet in his head. He hits the bottle and saves everyone, due to which Thorens is very happy with Franklin because he saved his life. After coming home, Franklin searches about the same killer who came to kill Thorens and he comes to know that the man’s wife Shona. Miller


used to work in Thorens’ company and she was murdered there but Thorens’ company closed the case by calling it a suicide. After this, Franklin goes to Rene and asks him to give him Susan’s file but She asks him to come after some time, now after this Rene goes to Thorens and tells him that Franklin has asked for Susan’s file, after which Thorens goes to Franklin with a file, he gives him that file but when Franklin opens the file, it’s empty. Thorens says we don’t have any information on her. Then he says he wants to give her something to save her life. He takes her to a bar in his car and gives her a drink. He gets it done and then he takes him to a room where there are many girls there. Franklin is drunk and he falls down there and Thorens secretly makes a video of him. Now as soon as Franklin ‘s eyes open, He immediately leaves for his house, where Zela finds him drunk, to which she says that maybe she has fallen


in love with Thorence’s money. Franklin says that whatever they are enjoying today is because of Thorence. Hearing this, Jella feels bad and starts leaving from there. Franklin tries to stop her but suddenly Franklin falls into a pool with Jella. They both start drowning but then Jella’s hand gets caught in Franklin’s ring. It falls and both of them come out again but because of Jella’s hand touching the ring, she comes to know about the ring, after which Franklin has to tell her everything about the ring. Jella asks him what? You also used it to get me. Franklin tries to explain everything to him but Zela leaves him. Now after this Franklin goes to Rene. Rene has a locker which contains Thorens’ secret documents. And apart from Thorens, Raining knows about its code. Franklin repeatedly turns back the time and gets Raine to extract the code of that locker and when he gets that code, he again turns back the time


and again. He goes to Rene and tells him that he has work to do today so he will stay here while Rene leaves. Franklin opens the locker where Franklin learns about all the adventures Thorens has done so far . Now after this, Franklin calls his friend Andy, who was a reporter, and asks him to do everything live and himself plans to leave from there. From there, he calls Jella and says sorry to her. On the other hand, Andy gives all the videos. In this we see that Suzanne was killed by Colvard. In fact, he holds Suzanne responsible for the negative things going on about Thorens’ company and gets her killed and tells everyone about his mistakes. After all this comes out, Thorens is completely ruined. Now as soon as Franklin comes out from there, Thorens comes there and he punches him hard and kills him with his fist. He takes him along , his men are holding his hand so he cannot use the ring. Jaela also


arrives there along with the police but Thorens is about to leave from there in his plane. They all take the plane with Franklin. They turn it off but an officer fires a gun at the side fan of the plane, due to which the plane starts crashing. Inside the plane, Thorens is killing Franklin and then his hand falls on his ring, due to which he also gets unconscious. All the power goes into the ring but they could not do anything now because the time could go back only 57 seconds and the fan of the plane was damaged before that. After some time the plane crashes but Franklin

and Thorens Renee’s assistant survives and they both come out and after some time the plane explodes and Thorens is killed. Now Burel comes there and here we learn that Burel deliberately gave that ring to Franklin. Actually, this ring was made of quartz crystal and he wanted to see the impact of this ring on humans, in which Franklin was successful but Franklin says that I have become addicted to this ring and I have become addicted to it like my Sister had become addicted to medicines after which she broke this ring. And this is where the movie ends.


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